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Bit Byte Bear (formerly CRØSS Games) develops games featuring adorable characters that face deep stories with dark undertones, following the tradition of the fables you grew up with.

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Justice Bear: Equinox

While Bearnard and his family are enjoying the Spring Festival, the peaceful village of Amber Town is suddenly invaded by an unknown army. With just seconds to react, young Bearnard decides to draw their attention to give time to his family to hide. Help him cross the town while it's reduced to ashes, avoiding bombs and debris, and jumping across broken streets and fire pits.

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Justice Bear: Playground

Playground is a collection of some of our prototypes and demakes that we would like to share with you, playable in a virtual handheld console. You can switch anytime between Color mode or Pocket mode (a classic 8bit four-shades-of-green filter). Currently it includes:
  • Equinox Dawn (endless runner)
  • Wisp Hunter (Pang clone)

Games 3/8

Justice Bear: Underline

One of the projects on the backburner, this started as a prototype for the Unofficial GameBoy Jam. It's a mistery on a train that sets the political stage and some of the older characters of the Justice Bear Chronicles.

The GameBoy prototype is available on

Games 4/8

Subsurface Circular Demake

Demake of Subsurface Circular, 8-bit handheld style. Includes only the first three sequences, based on the request to streamers. If you like the story, please try the original by Bithell Games, available for Steam, Switch and iOS.

Published with permission from Bithell Games.

Games 5/8

San Nomedio

We collaborated on Meditations, a launcher that every day loads a small game and an accompanying text as a meditation, distraction, lesson, or inspiration. Our game, San Nomedio, was available the 7th of August, with many players saying it was adorable and heartwarming. You can still play it on

Games 6/8


Later in August we were asked to make another urgent entry for a vacant day, the 20th. We created Mirror, one of the few Meditation games that changes every time you play and saves details from your last playthrough. It's inclusive approach and cute upbeat music (by Will Helliwell) was welcomed by players. You can still play it on

Games 7/8


Another urgent request for Meditations! With barely no time to think about the theme, only one thing was looming in our mind: the deadline! We played with a bit of humour, a bit of tension and slightly tricking the players, which got us some fun feedback. You can still play it on

Games 8/8


A project that has been "floating" in my head for a good while in different forms, always unfinished. This time I decided to reduce the scope to fit it as an entry for GBJAM 8 that did pretty well. It's small, but it has cute graphics, sounds and music, and I even had time to add a nice tutorial.



Alex Fortes

Generalist dev / Translator
BAFTA Crew Games, Meditations
IndieLingo (CV as translator)

Bruno Cardoso

Producer / Writer
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